How do you describe the Australian accent

Um, this is going to be a little hard because I'm Australian myself and I can't really tell if I have an accent (it just sounds normal to me). The Australian accent is similar to an English one but it sounds rougher and less smarter/posh, I guess. It's kind of a lazy language accent since we don't pronounce stuff fully, if you know what I mean? So instead of saying, 'river' we pronounce it as 'rivah', or saying 'master' we pronounce it as 'mastah'. I heard people say it sounds nasally when we speak. A few of my guy friends have very strong Australian accents and they kind of... slur their words. Aha, I'm not sure how to explain it.

If you're having trouble with dialogue, I'll help you out a little. A lot of us say 'gonna', 'wanna', ect. I sometimes say 'oi' but I never say 'g'day'. I suppose that's because I'm a girl and it's not very feminine but most boys my age (teenagers) don't say g'day - mostly adult men. We don't say 'chuck a shrimp on the barbie'. I call them barbieques and us Australians call them 'prawns' instead of 'shrimps'. Oh, and I don't know why, but when someone asks how we are, we mostly reply with 'not bad'. It's weird because we are telling them how we are NOT feeling.

Hope I helped! ;)