How do we report spam Questions

REPORT ALL the questions you can stand to report as ToS violations. That is ALL we can do, because Yahoo?Verizon staff is NOT going to the reporting for us. AND report ANY answers for POINT GAMING BEFORE you8 report the questions.. i can stand to only 3 or 4 questions at time. i REFUSE to spend ALL of my time on YA REPORTING stuff. When i find myself opening question i've already reported id do something else.for awhile.

OH, there is Spam Feedback forum you put each question, but that takes longer than just reporting them.

You have to log in a second time

Blocking them will N OT get their questions off the ffeed, AND you can block "ONLY" 200 email accounts. They just create NEW email accounts as fast as they post the questions. You CANNOT get the questions off your feed..;Blocking will NOT do that.

Then we have the idiots who keep ranting about Marissa A; Mayer as CEO) when Yahoo Inc. ceased to EXIST in the middle of September 2016, and Marissa A. Mayer RESIGNED more than YEAR ago. Verizon has OWNED Yahoo and YA FOR A YEAR.. Complain to VERIZON customer Care.

OMG!!!!! you think they are copying and pasting this junk. THEY ARE SUI(NG A COMPUTER SRIPTS to create the accounts and post the questions.;.