How do I remove a primary partition

gr33nb0y, welcome to the forum!

Yes, you can do this, it's a bit tricky, and time consuming, but it can be done. First off, you need a partitioning tool, such as Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition, which can be found here.

Install that program, create a boot disc (with the built in wizard), and off to work you go. First off, delete that last partition. Then, working with the last one on the right, move it to the end, using the tools in the app. It's really simple. Make sure that each one remains the same size. You use the "dragger" to move the partition with, first the right end, then the left.

After you see it's how you want it, on each one, click "Apply". It'll take a few minutes for each one.

Then do the same with the next one, and the next. Finally, you'll end up with that 8.67GB partition (as free space) beside of your "C" partition. Then, all that you'll need to do is extend the "C" partition to fill the space.

It's as simple as that. Post back if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Best of Luck,