How do I move over my ex

You’re here because you want to know the signs that mean your ex has moved on and it’s over.

Maybe you just broke up and you’re wondering if you can get him back, but some of the things he’s saying and doing have you feeling a little nervous.

Maybe you’ve been broken up for a while and it feels like he’s slipping further and further away from you, and you’re not sure what to do.

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Maybe it feels like he’s almost gone from your life, and you just want to know whether you have a chance or whether he’s really moved on forever.

Whatever your situation – I’ve got you covered.

I’m going to give you the biggest signs that mean your ex has moved on and your relationship is over for good.

I know how awful it is to want to get back together with someone who doesn’t want you back. I know how helpless it can feel, and how terrible the longing is to have him in your arms again.

I don’t want anyone to have to suffer through feeling like that for even a second longer than they have to.

That’s why this article is going to give you the biggest signs your ex has moved on. If your ex is showing you a few or more of these signs, it means that he really has moved on and you’d be better off letting him go and looking for someone new.

Remember – if there really is no hope, the sooner you let him go the faster you’ll start to feel better.

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But before you can make that decision, you have to know whether he really has moved on or not… so let’s get to the top signs:

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The Top Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

1. He Told You To Find Someone New

This is maybe the biggest sign that he can give you that he’s over you.

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A guy who had any doubt in his mind about whether or not he would get back together with you in the future would never ever say this to you.

That’s because when he tells you that you should get over him and find someone new, he’s effectively saying “I’m over you, and we’re never going to get back together.”

So if he says something like that to you, the best thing you can do is believe him.

2. If You’re In The Same Place He Won’t Even Look At You

After a relationship ends, there’s a certain degree of intimacy left over.

It’s only natural. After all, you had an emotional and physical connection with this person. That doesn’t go away overnight.

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So if he doesn’t even want to say hello to you… if he doesn’t even want to look at you if you wind up in the same place…

That means that he really wants nothing to do with you moving forward, and that he’s moved on.

3. He Tries His Best Not To Run Into You

This goes hand in hand with the sign above it.

If a guy has any sort of ambivalence about getting back together with you – if it’s even a possibility at all in his mind – he’s not going to mind running into you.

Why would he? If he thinks you might get back together one day, it would feel good to run into you, catch up, and talk.

So if he’s avoiding places he knows you’re going to be – whether he doesn’t go to a party specifically because he knows you’ll be there, or he stops going to bars he knows you like – it means that he wants to completely cut you out of his life.

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And a guy who wants that is a guy who’s trying to move on, and probably already has.

4. He Unfriended And Unfollowed You On All Social Media

This is a bit of a softer sign – if he did this and none of the others, then it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s over you.

But this is definitely a step towards being over you. If he’s following the no contact rule, it’s one of the crucial steps towards getting perspective on the relationship.

It means he doesn’t want to be reminded of you when he goes on Facebook or any other social media, and that he doesn’t want to interact with you online either.

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Like I said before, this is a step towards him moving on, but it’s a crucial one. If you see this step in combination with a couple others on this list, it’s a very bad sign for the future of the relationship.

5. He Gave All Your Stuff Back

This goes hand in hand with the sign directly above it.

When he gives you all your stuff back, what he’s really doing is trying to get rid of anything in his life that reminds him of you.

Just like unfollowing you on social media, giving your stuff back gives him less triggers in his life that make him start thinking about you.

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And a guy who doesn’t even want to think about you or be reminded of you is a guy who’s definitely trying to move on from being with you, if he hasn’t already.

6. He Moved Away From Your City

I’m not saying he moved away because of you.

But if he moved away, it definitely means that he’s let go of any chances of being with you.

People stay in cities for lots of reasons, and one of the biggest ones is that their S/O wants to be there, so they want to be there.

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Long distance relationships are hard to pull off even under the best circumstances, and if we’re talking about a couple who’s already broken up and trying to get back together, they’re nearly impossible.

So if he moved away from the city you share, it means he has absolutely zero plans of getting back together with you, and has almost certainly moved on.

7. He’s Dating Someone New

This could be one of the biggest signs he’s moved on, but it could also mean the opposite.

If he’s in a real, bonafide, “we’re serious about each other” relationship that’s lasted at least a few months and has all the hallmarks of a serious relationship, then yes, it definitely means he’s moved on from you.

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But if he’s only been dating this new person for a few weeks or less, and they started dating really quickly after you broke up, then chances are good that it’s a rebound relationship. And if he’s in a rebound, it means he’s trying to move on from you… but rebound relationships are not the best way to do that.

8. He’s Completely Cut Contact With You

Look, if you want to get back together with him, you have to at least be talking to him. There’s no chance at all if you don’t talk to each other whatsoever.

So if he’s ignoring all your texts, calls, and messages, and giving you absolutely zero contact, it means that he’s not interested in talking to you at all, and therefore not interested in getting back together.

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A guy who has even the slightest interest in getting back together with you isn’t going to ignore all your calls and texts. You’re going to have some communication with him.

So if it’s a complete communications blackout… that means that he’s definitely moved on.

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In summary…

These Are The Top Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

  1. He told you to find someone new.
  2. If you’re in the same place he won’t even look at you.
  3. He tries his best not to run into you.
  4. He unfriended and unfollowed you on all social media.
  5. He gave all your stuff back.
  6. He moved away from your city.
  7. He’s dating someone new.
  8. He’s completely cut contact with you.