How do I make my dog bark

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    Teach your dog to ask to go out. Imagine you really need to use the toilet, but you’re in a foreign country, can’t find a bathroom, and don’t speak the language. Welcome to a dog’s life. Teaching your dog how to ask to go outside by barking will help prevent messes in the house and make both your lives easier.

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    Make sure your dog is house trained. Your dog needs to know she has to pee and poop outside before you can teach her to ask to go.

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    Stand outside with a treat in hand and your door open just a crack. Ask your dog to “speak”. When she does so, open the door and give the treat. After a few times, drop the “speak” command. Your dog should bark to come out. Open and give the treat.[26]

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    Remove the treat. Now that your dog knows barking can open the door, you need to teach her to go outside to potty, not for treats. Do this training first thing in the morning, when your dog needs to pee. Stand outside and ask them if they need to come out. When they bark, open the door, praise them, and let them go potty. Praise them again after they pee or pooh. Do this each morning for two weeks.[27]

  • 5

    Go inside. With your hand on the door, ask your dog if she wants to go out and wait for a bark. Reward with praise as before. Do this for two weeks.[28]

  • 6

    Move away from the door. Sit in the room with the door out, but act as if you have forgotten all about letting your dog out. Wait for her to bark, then immediately open the door for her to go out and offer praise.[29]

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    Try getting your dog to bark in different rooms. Shut you and your dog in a room different from the one with the door she goes out. Be patient and wait for her to bark, then immediately offer to let her outside and praise her when she goes. After two weeks of this, your dog should be expert at barking to go outside.[30]
    • Be sure you also respond to barks when you are not actively training. Every time your dog barks to be let out, she should be let out and praised.