How did your parents discover your tattoo

My first tattoo was done by a family friend, who had both of my parents sign the form so nobody could get mad at him. I had just turned 17 and got "F**k Yeah" behind my ear, without the *s, of course. I was going to get it on my class ring, but apparently it wasn't allowed, so they let me get it behind my ear.

I ended up doing a Batsymbol tattoo on the bottom of my foot when I moved out, as practice because I want to become a tattoo artist now, and the aforementioned friend gave me a liner tattoo machine he helped me build from spare parts and his first shader for my birthday and needles and disposable tubes/tips/grips and a little bottle of black ink. It disappeared within a couple days, so my parents never found out, but my little brothers flipped **** and tried to get me in trouble the next weekend but it didn't work since it had completely disappeared.

It's too bad tattoos on the bottom of the foot are nearly impossible to keep, because I always wanted to get a comic book-style "POW" on the bottom of my foot.

Anyway, the end.