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‘Gujaratis reached US, but not IAS/IPS’

TNN | Jan 5, 2020, 4:05 IST
Gandhinagar: Deputy chief minister Nitin Patel, who is also the spokesperson for the state government, spoke about a need for Gujaratis to aspire to cracking the civil services and working in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS).
Speaking at an Anjana Patel community event in Gandhinagar, Patel said: “Gujaratis have reached the USA but, unfortunately, are not seen as IAS, IPS or IFS officers in the Gujarat secretariat. In many states, local officers get prominence in their bureaucracy while we have very few Gujarati IAS/IPS officers.”
Patel said that Gujaratis have traditionally remained more focused on establishing a business or migrating to foreign countries for better prospects. “Seldom have Gujaratis focused on pursuing government jobs like youth in other states do. We don’t see much representation from Gujarat in the IAS/IPS, railway, banking or central PSUs such as ONGC. To ensure the state’s best interests, it is necessary that Gujaratis take up to government jobs by qualifying in competitive exams. I want to see the majority name plates at the secretariat of Gujarati officers,” he added.
Gujarat has only recently started warming up to UPSC exams. In the 2018 UPSC examination, 18 from the state had secured top positions, including one in the top 100.
Gujarat had a great run in the UPSC in 2017, when a record 43 candidates cracked the examination.
Not a cricketer to play 20-20, I’m a politician: Nitin Patel
Ahmedabad: The T20 World Cup may be scheduled for later this year but the format is ruling the narrative of Gujarat politics these days. Since the arrival of the year 2020, CM Vijay Rupani has at least twice invoked the rapid cricket format, saying that he is here to play the ‘whole series of 20-20 matches’ and he ‘is not afraid to play half way down to pitch to ensure the people’s work is done’.
This was read as the CM scotching rumours of him being replaced as CM, and underscoring for his detractors within the party that he is a decisive leader who is not scared of taking tough decisions.
This idiom was taken forward on Saturday, when deputy CM Nitin Patel was asked what he made of these remarks.
Patel dodged said that he did not want to react on such things. “In politics, opponents have tried to defeat me too, but they all failed. I am not a cricketer so I can’t talk of 20-20. I am a politician and am in public service since 1972-73.”
Patel tried to distance himself from the rumours of Rupani’s removal and him being considered for the CM’s post again. Some have taken his statement to mean that ‘Patel is trying to potray himself as different from Rupani’.

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