How did Doni get a London visa

Tom and Sybil in Downton Abbey ran off to Gretna Green to be married. And things didn't turn out very well...Can't wait for the new season. Can you believe they killed off Lady Mary Crawley's husband, Matthew, in a car crash? Whitney, you should check the laws in your state, and get married before you leave home. In my state, you must go to the County Clerk's office, fill out an application, turn it in and get a license. Then step 2, you must go before a judge (in his office, in private) and he will you are married and sign and notarize your certificate of marriage. It's different in every state. Then you are married (in my state); it doesn't matter if a religious ceremony follows or not; you are married once you leave the judge's quarters, legally speaking. (But those who are religious will, of course, have a religious ceremony so they will be married in the eyes of God.) Whatever you have to do, do all the "legal" marriage stuff before you leave home and then have a religious ceremony or whatever you wish in London. You can always say "We were married in London." and it's true. The U.S. paperwork makes it legal, but check the procedure for your state.