How can I differentiate love and infatuation

I’m very sorry to introduce you know guys with this bitter truth that there is no such “Love at first sight”, rather it has always been “Infatuation at first sight”. Well, you can say your infatuation might turn to love but after a while which is the fact. Love takes time to happen. There is a very fine line difference between love and infatuation which is actually a huge difference but very tough to recognize for present generation. Today’s kids, teenagers and youth are highly mistaken with infatuation as love. They fall in infatuation which they usually call love. That infatuation is initially named as crush which gives them butterflies in their stomach and goose-bumps all over their body. Don’t get me wrong, but falling in infatuation might feel thrilling and adventurous but is actually wastage of time, energy and of course money. It becomes very important to make our kids, teens and youth capable of differentiating between the actual love and infatuation. Let’s differentiate between love and infatuation.

1. Love develops slowly and gradually over a certain time period, whereas infatuation happens instantaneously.

2. Love is permanent and timeless, whereas infatuation is temporary and short lived.

3. Love becomes deeper, stronger and powerful over time, whereas infatuation becomes week, shallow and ignorant over time.

4. Love is reasonable and absolute whereas, infatuation is delusional, unrealistic and paranoid.

5. Love is unconditional and unrestricted whereas, infatuation is full of conditions and ambiguous.

6. Love makes you selfless person and infatuation makes you selfish one.

7. Love accepts and adores the person and the flaws and imperfections related to him whereas infatuation flourishes on and expects perfections.

8. Love is about emotions, feelings, affection, trust and physical love while infatuation is only about physical attraction where physical love remains central.

9. Love keeps you full of energy and life while infatuation drains your energy out making you feel tired and exhausted.

10. Love is about trust and stability while infatuation generates jealousy and insecurity.

11. Love sustains over arguments and fights while infatuation fades over fights and brawls.

12. Love is being in love with that person while infatuation is being in love with the idea of love.

13. Love makes you and your life beautiful and happy whereas, infatuation makes you an obsessive person and your life way too complicated and tiresome.

14. Love is all about mutual understanding where you give support, help, assistance, guidance, love, sympathy, affection and honesty to that person whereas, infatuation is all about sex where if you don’t get benefitted you feel disgusted.

15. Love is beyond superficial things whereas infatuation makes superficial things compulsory.

Differentiating between love and infatuation is necessary but you don’t have to worry when you feel inclined towards someone thinking it might be infatuation or love because it’s completely natural, falling for someone. But you have to be careful about the symptoms of your love/infatuation. If it is infatuation better don’t go forward with that relationship because infatuated relationships never have future. They are absolutely based on temporary attraction and physical love. Wait for someone special, your soul mate, take some time to know him/her better and fall in love with that person and accept all his/her characteristics rather falling in love with the idea of love.

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