How can corporate leaders be socially responsible

Responsible company leadership is an imperative for corporations hoping to maximize both business and social returns from CSR initiatives—and it requires involvement from individuals at all levels of a company and its corporate governance. Whether you are an associate starting your career or a seasoned executive, leadership skills are necessary for success. CSR leaders envision and direct others towards better environmental, social, and business outcomes. As an effective corporate citizen, you must use your own unique competencies to strengthen existing partnerships, build cross-company buy-in, and ultimately act as an advocate for the importance of corporate citizenship as an essential component of company operations.

With corporate citizenship becoming a recognized business imperative, transformational leadership ensures that CSR is well integrated into a company's identity and culture and that it's being recognized for driving business value. Why? Because successful company leaders know that the outcomes and enduring partnerships achieved through corporate citizenship strategy enable performance not only for measuring progress toward a specific CSR but also for broader business objectives. In an age where leadership and corporate social responsibility are inextricably linked, you—as a CSR professional—are uniquely positioned to ensure that corporate citizenship is a strategic and well-integrated component of your company's operations.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help you develop effective and ethical leadership skills. Below is a sample of the responsible company leadership examples and research we offer our members.