Have you ever had sex with siblings

Omfg, my family went up to West Virginia for a holiday and we spent most of the time going swimming, eating and watching movies having a great time. Anyway, It was just me, my dad, mom and my sister Jennifer (Jen) Anyway, I've always thought that she's hot, don't call me sick it's not my fault if my sister is hot, I knows it's not right to think of her that way but it's not my fault.
Anyway, on the second last day of our holiday in WV she was wearing a really short pink skirt driving my cock crazy every time I looked at her, that day we went canoeing and did lots of great stuff =) I Love my sister you know... She's a great person

Anyway, at about 8:30 that night I had a shower and I went back to my room and went on the computer that was there for about half an hour and then got an early night for the last day of our holiday I lay there for about 15 minutes and I heard Jen come in and I said "Oh, hey Jen, whatsup?"
"Nothing TheEnlightenedOne, wanna just talk? I feel like a chat"
"Yeah sure, how's everything going at college?"
"Good, good how bout you?"
"Good, yeah..."
Anyway, we talked for about 20-30 minutes and then we just lay next to each other for a while and she started to kiss me good night but the kiss went on forever and we started making out and taking off my shirt and I took off hers and she got my dick (I was thinking omfg I can't be doing this) And she started stroking it and giving me head then I fingered her and she moaned then I fucked her in the doggystyle position and lots of other positions (I don't know their names) Then I cummed on her face and she swallowed all of my cum and smiled at me and kissed my cock then walked back to her room.
I am so scared, I can't believe this happened, I never wanted to do it with her, she's hot and all and if she wasn't my sister I would have fucked her but I'd never do her if she was my sister. After we started getting into it I couldn't stop, I just needed to fuck my sis.
Thanks for hearing me out.