Have you ever been banned from Walmart

Have You Ever Been Banned?

How many of you have been banned from something/someplace?
It can be a messageboard, store, bar, city, or state.
Was it intentional or accidental?
I got "banned" from a frat house once when I was in college 'cause I funnelled a beer faster than some of the guys. The ban only lasted about a week then they wanted a rematch :devil:
A bowling alley once. It wasn't my fault, though. When you have night bowling and beer you have to expect things to get broken.

Oh yeah, and a golf course once. Too much beer and a total lack of interest in golf made for an interesting time...


Hey little girl, do you want some candy?
I've been impolite and asked to leave establishments, but never anything as official as a banning
This one time, at banned camp...

yes i've been banned and or kicked out of more establishments than i care to mention. there was a time (youth) that i made a game out of being a general pain in the ass. it was a lot of fun for me but not so much for the recipient.

one of the funniest was being drunk, visiting a buddy at work at a grocery store and me surfing on top of a pallet of 6-packs (advertisement showing a surfer near it) and i thought it was a good idea until the display collapsed and sent me and all of the beer to the floor! wooooooohoooo there was spewing cans everywhere and i was totally covered in beer and so was everything else within a 20 foot radius.

ahhhh good times, good times
Wow, too many placs to think of...2 radio stations in the bay area for offending too many of the listeners, a soccer store down here in daygo, and almost the monkey for my mental ebreak-down...that's all I can remember for now.
long story short my mom and dad and us kids got kicked out of north Carolina.
dad lent the neighbor a tiller and he used it to plant some pot, in downtown Wilmington in 1971. Some authority found out and gave us 24 hours to get out of town or go to jail.
I thought my dad was just telling me another story but i've confirmed it through my mom, oldest sister and an uncle.