Has your cat ever made you LOL

Cats can be little devils, and that's no lie, but have you ever tried to punish a silly cat for its misdemeanors? No? Then don't as your little feline will likely turn into a full on demon after their penalty. The best scenario for disciplining your not-so-funny cat is something called cat shaming. It is, undoubtedly the perfect way to get back at them and a definite win-win situation - you can feel like you've punished your cute cat-turned-imp while they get to continue to act like total dicks.

How it all works, you ask? It's quite simple actually. To pet shame your cat, you have to catch the little nitwit in the act, write the misdemeanor on a piece of paper, picture the wee criminal with it and post the cat pictures online for all to see. Retaliation without aggression - what could be better!

If you have a photo of a cat that has received a well-deserved cat-shaming, then add it to this list! If not, then scroll down nevertheless for our picks of these funny cat memes.

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