Has coca cola always tasted the same

Heyyy, I stay in Michigan too (Detroit extremely)...that is not any longer THAT undesirable, lol. ^_^ i could quite opt to stay in manhattan city, however, cuz i've got been there maximum of situations in the previous and that is my well-known state and that i like massive cities. i became into merely finding if New Yorkers suggested pop or soda because of the fact i became into observing "Monster-in-regulation" and J. Lo suggested "soda" (on the grounds that she's from manhattan i do no longer recognize if she became into quite asserting that, or that became into merely the script, or the two). and he or she additionally merely suggested buggy, no longer carriage (yet although i do no longer recognize if that became into the script or no longer). i think of pop is the best out of soda pop, and merely soda. And somebody at right here suggested they have been from Western manhattan and stated because it "pop". And interior the South, you're saying "am i able to have a coke, please?" Then they are going to be like "specific, what type." and additionally you're saying "Pepsi" or regardless of you opt to drink. weird and wonderful, huh?! humorous we had the same question.