Does marijuana make you aggressive?no_redirect=1

I know this is going to be a controversial topic but hear me out.

I came to this forum a year or so ago having never smoked in my life (35 years old)l and I was under the impression that pot smokers were the most laid back relaxed people after watching movies and tv etc.. Now I'm a very social person I'm usually the one who organizes car cruises in our club and all the fun stuff we do at work in the office. So safe to say I was completely shocked how aggressive people are in here ! It's unbelievable. I know its a non moderated forum, but I'm apart of a few of them and I have never seen anything close to the Sh#$t that goes on in this group. I don't even check a few sub forums because all they do is fight and bitch.

The more that I think about it, the 3 close friends I do have that have all been smoking for years ( I love them to bits of course) but they all are very anti social and only have 2-3 friends in their life. And generally they are aggressive to other people whether it be at the pub on Fri night or while playing PUBG (online games)

The thing that I guess scared me a little is well that after trying pot for a month or so I don't know if it is just a placebo effect but I found my self wanting to bite back more and people and found that I was getting into more arguments online ?? I've stopped now and haven't smoked in 2 months.

So what are your thoughts guys who are pretty heavy smokers ? I'm not trying to offend anyone as I have also met some really nice people here. Does Cannabis make your more aggressive ? Or do just naturally aggressive people tend to smoke ? Or is it just the same logic as drinking .. it just lowers your inhibitions so all that built up anger you've held down over the years just leaks out a little haha.

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