Does having deja vu mean something

Ready to discover the truth about deja vu dreams?

Have you ever been in a situation that felt familiar but you couldn’t figure out why?

Everyone has experienced déjà vu at some point in their lives.

This can happen when you visit a new place, when an interaction feels familiar, or when a situation reminds you of something else – but you can’t figure out what.

Déjà vu dreams could be the real reason behind these experiences.

– Updated 10/15/2019

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What Is Déjà vu?

There are a lot of different explanations for this phenomenon, but no general consensus.

Some believe that déjà vu is actually memories from past lives.

Some scientists explain this sensation as the brain establishing connections between different situations or look for explanations in how the brain processes memories.

This quick video does a good job of explaining what could happen in your brain when you experience déjà vu:

Dreams are another likely explanation for this phenomenon.

In fact, a study found that 95 percent of people who experience déjà vu felt that they had encountered a place or situation in a dream.

And experiencing déjà vu is indeed very similar to trying to remember a dream.

You might feel as if you are about to remember everything before this feeling slips away and is lost forever.

If deja vu dreams are triggering strong emotions in you, you may be seeing the future.

What Do Déjà Vu Dreams Mean?

Déjà vu dreams are sometimes called a déjà rêvé.

Déjà vu means ‘already seen’ in French, and rêvé means ‘already dreamed’, which is a more accurate description of this phenomenon.

Figuring out why you are experiencing these dreams can be difficult since these are dreams that you only partially remember and that only briefly come back to your consciousness when you encounter something that is familiar.

If you experience déjà vu dreams on a regular basis or experienced a déjà vu that triggered very strong emotions, you might be seeing the future in your dreams.

Precognition dreams often occur before major historical events, and some individuals are able to see their own future in their dreams.

These dreams are the sign that you might have a gift for communicating with another world.

There might be a spirit or entity who is trying to communicate with you through these dreams.

If you experienced a déjà vu dream once, this might have been a message from a deceased loved one about your future.

If this is a recurring thing, you have a gift that you need to develop.

When you experience deja vu in your dreams, the first step to figuring them out is to focus on them.

What To Do About Déjà Vu Dreams

You need to focus on recognizing these dreams and on interpreting them.

Experiencing déjà vu is a sign that you only partially remember these dreams.

You should start a dream journal to keep track of what happens in your dreams.

You will eventually remember your dreams with more accuracy and will probably remember all the dreams you have once you get used to writing in your journal.

If you think that a deceased loved one or a spirit has a message for you, try getting in touch with this entity via meditation or by getting help from a medium.

You should also pay attention to the situations in which you experience déjà vu.

These dreams happen for a reason, and the situations in which you experience déjà vu must have some significance even though they might feel mundane or trivial at first.

Keeping a dream journal will help you recall the vague details you forget when you wake up.

Take some time to look around and take in your surroundings when you experience déjà vu.

Ask yourself if there is an opportunity you might be missing.

If a situation is important enough for you to dream about it before it happens, you might be meant to do something.

Look for opportunities to do good around you and to get one step closer to accomplishing a goal you care about whenever you experience déjà vu.


There is a strong possibility that you are experiencing déjà vu because of dreams that you don’t really remember.

If this is something you experience on a regular basis, start a dream journal so you will remember your dreams with more details.

Remember to pay attention to what is going on around you whenever you experience déjà vu since there must be something important about the place or people around you or you wouldn’t have dreamed about it.

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