Does Eminem need to retire

He's a good rapper and all,and i've been a fan ever since i saw his video "just don't give a fu*k" on The Video Box channel, and i liked his style because he used to be original and alot crazier, but ever since he signed 50, his whole persona changed and he started acting more "gangsta". In my opinion he hasn't made a good album since the Eminem show. His songs sound the same now, he doesnt sound too original anymore. but i think Eminem's "relapse" album is going to suck because it would sound just like encore, i heard his recent track and it was tired compared to anything he released before. I think personally if Eminem just leaves now and just produces, it would be better. Plus he's been through alot (Proof dying divorcing kim again etc) he doesnt need to come back to music he needs to chill That is just my opinion, and i know i'm going to get fanboys on this board saying "F U man Eminem is great". I'm not saying i'm right i just want to share my opinion. What about you?