Do soldiers in your country get disrespected

HamRogers is right but only you can be the best judge if you have screwed up as well. I get a chuckle how we deal with problem soldiers in the combat arms as compared to other branches. From the beginning. First, talk to the soldier yourself and correct them, second talk to the NCO in charge of them after you correct them so that they can do a counseling, verbal or written, if nothing happens talk to the NCO again and ask them what they have done, if nothing still happens, go up the NCO support chain or the chain of command. The COL wont like to hear that the chain failed you or this soldier. If this soldier continues the action after the counselings then an Article 15 with extra duty will probably do the trick or as HamRogers said, get JAG involved. Further action can result in dismissal from the Army. Remember though, no matter what you do, you outrank the soldier. If he acts like this, put him at attention. Even though Im an Infantry Officer, I still salute AG officers that outrank me. They deserve it as do you with earning your stripes. Whats even more disturbing is that he treat patients disrespectful. He is lucky another NCO or Officer has not posted him yet.

This isnt the first time that I have heard this from the specialty fields such as dental, medical, and vet. More often its the civilians causing problems though. Remember to always treat him with respect even if he isnt to you. Take the high road and be a professional. Good luck!

Source(s): US Army Infantry Officer Prior Enlisted Infantry