Do men prefer masculine women

No men don't prefer radical women, by and large.

Men, like anyone else just want to be in mutually respectful and loving relationship. That is hard to do with someone who lives in a gender silo.

Radical feminists (rads) or misandrists, for the most part, are eloquent, focused, intelligent, capable, sophisticated and driven. In other words they have a high level of qualities that would make them an excellent potential spouse. The problem is that they believe exactly what sexist male bigots believe about the roles of women in reverse. The rads believe that only women should be in charge of society and that men must kowtow to them and their ilk. Rads have made our society return to the sexist world before gender equality was achieved in reverse, with men being the oppressed

I would never expect women to tolerate such oppression yet men are expected to do so. Being married to a rad who does not respect you and not care about your basic rights and dignity as a human being does not bode well for relationship success in my opinion. Their boys would get the same abuse. Some men may be turned on by it for a while, but no I can't see how most rads can find a spouse.

Especially in the current environment where there is an over abundance of great women seeking men. Men are more and more leary of taking on the relationship risk resulting from oppression caused by the rads. Men are men though. A hot rad will find a man no matter what. Men will sell their soul for beauty so some will find a man, at least for a while.