Did god really have to create us

The Creation story is not literal science, first of all.

Yes, God really did create us. For atheists, if we ask one "Who created us?" they might say that Nature did. Since mankind is certainly smarter than Nature, then can we create a person? No, we can't. We can clone creatures, but we can't create even a gnat from scratch, much less a human.

Everything is a created thing. The very fact that created things exist is proof all around that God exists. We can't have the created without the Creator, just as we can't have a poem without an author. The poem is proof that there is an author. Poems don't spontaneously appear out of thin air, someone had to write it. Created things didn't just develop willie nillie, there is a rhyme and reason. Rhyme and reason are created things as well, which proves that God exists. Created things - EVERYTHING, even emotion - are evidences of a Creator.

God made everything from scratch. Can we take clay and make a man? We can make a clay man, but not a real man. We may be able to clone tissue, but can we create the tissue out of ___ (whatever)??? Nope, only God can.