Can you make 120 with 5 zeros

what is the difference between software development lifecycle and system development lifecycle

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how many check points required to freeze the requirements ? what and why ???

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what are the atrifacts required to manage the requirement

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Host and Agent are the component associated with which tool?

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from delhi mohammed-bin-tughlak transferred his capital to

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I recently atten CSTB exam. One of the question is What is disadvantage of Static Analysis tool. Please help me find out answer

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what are the major differences in requirement when compared among SW project requirement and Product requirement

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how to track the requirements if all ready it is available for that product

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Q1. Write ten test cases on mm/dd/yy 1699<=YY<=1999

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what are the review standards to accept the requirement specification

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Q1. Why a bug can't be fixed?

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Q1. Write a Defect report if 99 th row of the spread sheet crashes?

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