Can wax in the ear cause tinnitus

When an excessive amount of ear wax builds up in the canals, it can cause a number of problems, including hearing loss and tinnitus, which are undeniably associated with one another. Earwax compaction is only of the most common and simple explanations as to why people hear a ringing or buzzing sound which has no external cause. Excessive earwax buildup can also lead to an infection in this area which can lead to tinnitus.

The type of sound which people who have tinnitus due to earwax buildup experience varies depending on the person, though it usually presents in the form of a loud buzzing, whistling, or ringing noise. Other symptoms of earwax buildup in the canals include pain in the ear along with a whooshing sensation as well as vertigo or dizziness. Those who have this problem will be able to get the earwax flushed out at a doctor’s office in order to eliminate these symptoms completely.

Those who do not clean out their ears on a regular basis can very easily develop too much earwax, leading to infection and noises which are referred to as tinnitus. Despite what many people think, tinnitus is not always a chronic or permanent condition. It can be temporary due to a number of reasons, including the common cold, an ear infection, loud noise, or ear wax. Although ear wax is important because it protects the ear drum from foreign particles as well as other things, it can cause some hearing loss and certain noises like ringing or buzzing.

It is important to avoid using cotton swabs to clean out your ears, as they can compact the earwax even more, causing further hearing loss and potentially worsening the tinnitus as well. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that cleaning out one’s ears every single day is a bad idea, simply because earwax does in fact play a vital role in protecting the inner ear.