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What happens when Nairs make intercaste marriage?

Kerala society has undergone tremendous change in the last 25 years and inter caste and inter religious marriage are as much realities in current Kerala society as arranged marriages. Now it is foolish to think for Nairs to stop intercaste/interreligious marriages. But a strategy to cope up with the situation when your son/daughter is going to marriage his/her love from another caste/religion is very much essential.

It will help you to face the reality and if possible continue to maintain relationship with them. When a nair girl/boy marries from another religion or caste, especially lower caste, the nair partner of the couple slowly loses his/her identity completely. Thus when intercaste marriages increases, number of nairs is likely to decrease in future and nair tradition may eclipse.

In this case Nairs should definitely look at the example of how minorities face such situation. Normally, they agree to such marriages on one condition. The partner from other religion should convert to their religion. This way they ensures that their culture is preserved and their numbers are on the rise.

The foolish orthodox sections among Nair community goes by the example of how Namboothiri community in Kerala faced such situation in the past. Namboothiris ousted their grils who even touched males from other communities. Thus Namboothiri community declined. In fact, Nairs themselves benefitted from that practise earlier. Those children born to nair ladies from Namboothiri husbands became Nairs and this contriubted to increase in number of Nairs and spreading of Nair culture in the past.

Modern day orthodox Nairs would be amazed to know that Mannath Padmanabhan once thought of converting others to Nairs. In his autobiography he wrote once he announced it in a public meeting while wondering himself as who would be interested. But to his amazement a Namboothiri came forward and said he wanted to become a nair. Somehow or other conversion programme did not continue.

But present Nairs should demand that those who want to marry their sons/daughters take membership in NSS and declare themselves as Nairs. NSS should give membership to all those who are willing to be known as Nairs. I am sure converted Nairs should work for the interests of Nair community better than somebody is born as Nair and he is ashemed to declare his caste in public and thinks that his acts should be called progressive.

A community can grow only by accepting others to its fold. By others I mean those who approve the culture of Nair community and takes pride in it. What Nairs should do is to convince all those who are intelligent and cultured to convert themselves as Nairs. Thus the best people in the society should come to Nair fold. Thus Nair community would grow without violence or harming any others.

Instead of thinking locally Nairs should think globally. Cultured people from other countries should be made aware of the glorious history of Nairs who were always tolerant and industrious. Thus Nair community should grow beyond the boundarires of Kerala and India.