Are triple bunk beds safe for children

Bunk beds for 3 are a great solution for families planning to fit three or more children in one room. They are exceptional space-savers, as well if parents need to maximize space to allow for more room to study or play. Our safe and sturdy full size three person bunk beds for sale are also a perfect choice for vacation homes where the need to accommodate more people in a limited space. Some of our cheap bunk beds for 3 are convertible, so each unit can be used separately in the future. Consider the following types of three decker bed for sale:

Stacked: These beds feature three beds stacked one on top of the other. Younger children are safest on the bottom bunk. A 9-foot ceiling is best for this type of tall bed. Remember, never situate any bunk against a window.

Corner Triple: These beds feature two twin size beds situated at a 90 degree angle on the bottom and a lofted bed on top.

L-Shaped Loft: This option also fits into a corner well. The L-shaped bunks feature two twin elevated beds and offer space underneath for one size bed or a full size futon. You also have the option to add under bed drawers or a chest and dresser for additional storage space.

Quadruple Bunk Beds: Cheap quadruple bunk beds are usually available in corner or L-shaped bunk bed designs.