Are those person who smoke are bad

any history of smoking, that is what's automatically written up by the attending doctor as the cause of death. And very little is actually done to counteract this, considering less than 10 percent of deaths receive a formal autopsy in the United States on average. We don't bother to research into that person's family history, and apparently it's irrelevant that his or her family might have had a genetic predisposition or history of lung cancer.

And then we must consider the statistics we're given and where they come from. In my experience, statistics can have almost any meaning that you want them to have. Maybe the study only looked at the number of people who were "recorded" to have had died from smoking. Or maybe this survey didn't bother to add all of the other people who never smoked who also died from this disease. But since they never smoked it wouldn't be relevant to them, would it?

And we also must look at the cultural applications of smoking. It is a very undebated "fact" that smoking is bad for you. So instead of disagreeing that smoking is bad for your health, tobacco companies would rather just adopt this view as their own and restate it to you in a different format, (ie. the surgeon general's warning on every tobacco product). So one couldn't be mad at these companies on their views since they are only agreeing with what we want them to say.

But anti-drug campaigns would say that the surgeon general's warning is too limited. But considering that the idea was culturally transmitted, does it make sense that they should stick it in our face every time we would use their products?

My point being is that you all have no grounds on which you base your claims. You just ridicioulsy shout these fantasies about this is bad or this is OK without having any inkling.

I'm not cheering for tobacco companies, nor am I for everyone else who would see them go under. I'm merely implying that you not be so oblivious on who you side with. Neither side is without its flaws.

Anti-smoking campaigns subject their will onto the public through their subliminal messages and influence on newer, restrictive tobacco laws, while tobacco companies cut corners and hire cheap child labor to survive in this financial downslide.

So before you fall either way on the issue as a smoker or non-smoker, be more skeptical in your decision. And that goes for everything in life. Don't be so sickeningly average.