Are community college students stupid

I am going to say 'negative' on that one. For one, I did the same thing as you. I have been an honors student since 8th grade all the way to walking down that stage and getting that special honors diploma last Spring from my 4 year university. I am an unapologetic overachiever. I was also in the IB program in high school, and while attending JC, I was an active duty military engineer at the time, and attending Airman Leadership School in preparation for a promotion that I was to receive 6 months early thanks to an extremely competitive awards board that I won. So, JC is not for stupid people. You are not stupid.

JC is great because it is flexible (hey if I could do all that and still go to JC, then those are some great class hours!)

In many ways I find them superior to large universities because of the student to teacher ratio, and THEA, ACT/SAT test support.

Also, In JC, most teachers and faculty really care about their little community of students, and you find more communication and intimacy in these environments. While I was at JC for the 2 semesters that I attended, I also got involved in Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honors Society for the 2 yr college, and went on some great retreats. I also volunteered for the March of Dimes, and was nominated for Miss "(Name of my JC)". It all depends on what you make of your 2 yr college experience.

By the time I transferred to the 4 yr university, I found it was expensive, institutional,and the environment was much less supportive, as I was just another number in a large classroom. JCs are much more affordable, and you are getting the same quality education as you would in University. Really, even though my 4 yr university is an amazing research univ, I have found that after graduating from there, I won't be able to have close access to these cream of the crop researchers until I get to Grad School!

I really missed my little community. JC was what made my my college experience worthwhile. I met some extremely cool people and had an awesome time. So proudly go to JC, and use your talents to make your JC a rewarding place to be.

And if you go to JC and actually enjoy it, don't listen to haters.

Source(s): Experience